Complete Website Security

Malware Detection Removal

Managed testing services include a wide range of testing activities from test planning, test cases’ design and execution, to test reporting and QA process improvements.

Prevent future incidents

The key to overcoming an impact attack is to recognize the risk before it happens and prevent it as soon as possible.

24/7 Cyber Security Support

Proactive 24/7 threat monitoring, investigation, and response performed by a team of highly trained expert analysts means you can relax knowing we “have your back.”

Managed Web Application

Our expert team stops advanced human-led attacks on your behalf, neutralizing threats before they can disrupt your business operations or compromise sensitive customer data.


Our Approach To Security

  • Give Admins granular user control

    Gain insight into password behavior, security reports, and login reports to increase compliance

  • Simplify deployment

    Automate account creation, group management, and more by integrating with your user directory

  • Streamline password sharing

    Simplify the sharing of work-related passwords and notes with team-based shared folders

Innovative Electronic Protection of Your Office and Home Control Online

- In-depth analysis of your IT needs, challenges, and the existing IT ecosystem.

- Expert assistance in achieving the goals of IT modernization, IT infrastructure optimization and ongoing management, cloud migration. Digital transformation of business workflows.

- Design, development, and support of enterprise software: web and mobile applications, cloud development, libraries and APIs.

- SaaS product development.

- Fully managed functional, integration, performance, usability, and security testing of web, mobile, desktop applications, DWHs, and SaaS apps.

- ISTQB-certified test engineers.

- Data science, big data, business intelligence, data visualization, data management.

- Design and implementation of data analytics solutions.

- Data Analytics as a Service.


Cybersecurity Services

Equipped with 20-year experience in information security and employing ISO 27001 certified information security management practices, we help to achieve the robust protection of the companies’ applications and networks.

Security assessment

Security evaluation services are designed to provide comprehensive assessments on the situation and network protection of an organization. It includes considering security policies, security checks and assessing user network recovery.

Security testing

Security testing services aim to detect, analyze, and help remediate vulnerabilities that enable unauthorized access to data, applications, and IT infrastructure. Regular checkups of IT assets and security policies and procedures help companies prevent costly cyber incidents and compliance breaches.

Information security consulting

Cybersecurity consulting services cover strategic, operational, and technical aspects of security: from developing a future-proof security program to implementing dedicated controls and techs. All these measures help efficiently handle software and IT infrastructure vulnerabilities, detect and prevent intrusion attempts.

Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing is imitating the techniques a real-world attacker would use to get hold of a company's data, apps, or IT infrastructure. Penetration testing services aim to identify security flaws in an IT environment, evaluate their potential impact, and offer remediation guidance.


Testing & QA

  • QA outsourcing
  • Security testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • QA consulting
  • Functional testing

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