Cybersecurity Services by Keypoint

We offer our customers a variety of cybersecurity services to:
Significantly reduce the number of security weaknesses in web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as in our clients’ networks.
Ensure their constant compliance with appropriate regulations and standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, NYDFS, and more).

Network protection

- DDoS protection.
- Email security.
- Firewalls, IDS / IPS, DLP implementation and setting.
- Antivirus protection.

Managed security services

- Security infrastructure design and management
- Vulnerability management.
- Managed detection and response.
- Compliance management.

Security assessment and planning

- IT security consulting.
- Comprehensive security assessments: e.g., to evaluate all aspects of medical device security.
- Security testing of apps and IT infrastructures.
- Stress testing: emulation of DDoS / DoS attacks.

Application security

- Security code review.
- Mobile device management and mobile application management.
- Cloud security.
- Web application security.

High-Performance Solutions

We uncover security loopholes in the components of our customers’ IT environments. Keypoint’s security team carefully checks the protection level of your IT infrastructure and defines measures to reduce the number of security weaknesses inside your network and apps.

Infrastructure security audit

Our security team assesses your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities in the following areas.

Compliance assessment

Our security engineers perform automated and manual scanning of your IT environment and its elements to.

Vulnerability assessment

Keypoint performs automated and manual security evaluation to detect vulnerabilities in their customers’ IT.

Penetration testing

Keypoint’s ethical hackers exploit network vulnerabilities and software weaknesses to explore possible attack.

Antivirus protection

Provide your system administrators with advanced control over any web activities happening across your network to.

Web application security

Keypoint’s security experts ensure proper protection of a website, a web app, or web services.